Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kudos to Jim and Carol Wilson

On a recent cold and rainy night I stopped to buy gas at a convenience store in Marion County, Arkansas. Thanks to Jim Wilson, a former Marion County JP and, his wife, Carol, Marion County is now a "wet" county. I was glad for the two young working men standing in line, each waiting to pay for a case of beer. They no longer have to travel out to another county for their beer. Consequently, they were saving time, gas money, scarce fossil fuel, greenhouse gas emissions and, possibly, their lives. In addition to those important benefits, the excise tax and sales taxes levied on their cases of beer will stay in Arkansas. Carol and Jim called their Marion County wet versus dry campaign "Bring Our Taxes Home". Well, their success in Marion County is beginning to bring a lot of money home to Arkansas. We should all be grateful for their hard work.